“Coming home to who we truly are is the birthright of every human being. We awaken to the sacred ground of love, awareness and joy that was always there; unrecognized perhaps, yet abiding; not personal, yet full beyond describing. The teachings and poetry point towards this flowering of our greatest loveliness.”


In essence, meditation is the birthing of an ever-deepening capacity to allow things to be the way they are. Without control, manipulation, argument we give way deeply into the true nature of Self and the essence of existence.


Poetry softens the incapacity of language to describe the indescribable. An ecstatic poem can transmit a fragrance of the unknowable, transcending rationality and control. Poetry and music together may carry a transcendent transmission of the Absolute, the Divine, the Sacred, what I call “My Beloved.”


Awakening includes the unfolding revelation of an unfathomable creative force, ceaselessly responsive to life. An emptying of self with a fullness of heart. We move back into the world, engaging the arising and passing away of all created things, with love, kindness and care.
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