Walking in the Wild — July 2014

Silent Pilgrims

In the beginning, we sat together in a circle. Planting a Sufi parable in our heart-minds, Gavin said, “Listen to the wind in the trees…and know that the trees are listening to you”…

As our walking-ohana migrated across the lands of ‘Iole, I enjoyed the human senses that I have been gifted with.

Treading step by step, the squishy and muddy road under my bare feet felt delicious. The green taro, brightly illumined by morning sun, filled my eyes. At one point, I rested under an ironwood tree, supported by a soft bed of its long needles.

Although we didn’t exchange words, my walking comrades and I shared each other’s presence and the joy of the journey. The simple company of each other was enough.

In the end, we sat together in a circle, sealing the magic of our sacred, silent pilgrimage with nature.



Walking in the Wild — June 2014

Shades of Red        (by Virginia Fortner)

At dawn, it crumpled to my closet floor, this shirt

Neglected, startling, a little daring, but handy.

I don candy-apple red and join Gavin’s morning Walk in the Wild.

We begin in silence—two friends plus three strangers in blues and browns

And me, flashing like a cardinal among sparrows under mac nut trees.

Thoughts simmer, fueled by heart heat, arising, arresting, alarming

Until we pause above a deep gulch where ti clings,

Nosing maroon heads skyward, almost lost among so many greens.

I creep cliffward and peek over tree tops far below.

Leafy patterns quilt a giant’s cushion,

Secured by polka dots of orange African tulips, like an accent button.

We turn back, leaving guava scent, to walk iron-rich dams between taro patches,

Red-veined hearts lift Gavin’s chant before a cindery altar, blessing the aina.

Moss blurs the water’s edge below our feet,

Tiny strings of leaves turn russet as they leave shadow for light.

Up rust-colored path, we avoid a broken reflector duct-taped atop a stick just above a ditch,

Pass a rusty gate where heliconia hide, then point to where the homestead sits vacant.

We descend worn steps announced by ginger’s torch

And arrive full circle, still silent, to reflect with quiet mind.

My eyes lift above thatch to one spreading banyan,

Trace roots, climb branches and claim two blushing blossoms

Rising and falling above leaves, natural rouge spots

Mirroring my cheeks, flushed with gratitude.

Proud blood pulses beneath my red shirt, honoring ali’I dressed for Kamehameha’s birthday.


Liberation into Love — Waimea Meditation Group. May 4, 2014

I come away feeling incredibly uplifted every time I attend one of Gavin’s Retreats, whether the mini one or a day long one.  My heart just opens and I seem to get closer to the truth in spite of myself and my mind, which is always wanting to take over.  This Sunday he was guiding us to be with the body from the top of head to the littlest toes.  Amazing, empowering and inspiring in what I experienced and came to understand at core level about the connectedness of mind, body and spirit!    You rock Gavin!     Jatta

Coming to Gavin’s meditation in Wiamea is always a beautiful experience! Becoming a part of this loving sanga has been a huge blessing in my life. Gavin is the guy who holds up the lantern that illuminates the path Home. His teachings and the way he teaches them are clear and profound. An arrow of love right to the heart! All are welcome in this environment of truth and open hearted joy. Thank you Gavin. We are blessed beyond measure to have you in our lives!      Linda


Walking in the Wild — May 3, 2014

Walking in the Wild today was like walking through history. This land is no stranger to ritual. I could almost sense the rituals of times past with all the appreciation of nature.    Jan

It’s the first Saturday of the month and look forward to my practice of spending an amazing hour and a half with Gavin and the birds, bees and trees of I’ole.  What a wonderful way to mark the passage of time, reflect on the events in the past month and reawaken myself to the possibilities ahead.  Please join me.       Vivianne

Walking in the Wild gives me the opportunity to stop, to pause, to appreciate the natural world and to be renewed by it. There I take lessons from the trees as the wind gently breathes the earth. I listen, listen deeply to the language that is spoken only by cooing birds or taro or shimmering treetops. From my seemingly separate state, nature ushers me back into wholeness.       Cherry


Waimea Meditation Group

I am a psychotherapist in Hilo Hawaii who has attended Gavin Harrison’s meditation groups and retreats for about six or seven years. Over this course of time, I have become aware of how my perspective and attitude has altered in how I approach my friends, family and life events.  I seem to have a calmer and more compassionate way of handling things and the meditation process has helped me to be more in touch with what is truly relevant in my life.  Gavin not only teaches the meditation process, but is able to help one delve into the truth of things.  I have found that his approach and clarity have also helped me as I work with my own clients.  We are gifted on Hawaii Island to have Gavin available to offer his wise teachings.


Carrie Blankfield LCSW

Hilo, HI.

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